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Why should I hire an Attorney?

You, your doctors, your friends and family understand very well how your health conditions affect you and why they prevent you from working. While no attorney can guarantee an outcome, an experienced attorney can help you frame your situation within the very technical laws, regulations, and rules that the Social Security Administration applies when deciding whether you qualify for disability. 

The SSA contacts medical and vocational experts who have never met you in order to decide technical issues involved in your claim.   An experienced attorney representing you on your claim for Social Security disability benefits can help you gather evidence, advocate for you, and protect your interests.   If your claim is denied, an attorney can help you appeal all the way to Federal District Court and beyond.

At Schneider Kerr Law Offices, our attorneys and team of highly capable legal assistants work full-time on Social Security cases. This is what we do. By focusing only on Social Security law, we have developed the expertise regarding complex medical and vocational issues necessary to win even the most difficult cases.

Some attorneys only accept cases if you pay a retainer fee up front or if one or more doctors have gone on record supporting your disability case or if you do all the work before the hearing.  

We require no retainer fee, and we accept cases at all stages in the process.   We work on a contingency fee only basis, meaning that you only pay us if and when we win your case and you are awarded back pay.

Please call Kerr, Robichaux & Carroll Law Offices at (503) 255-9092 or 1-800-630-4SSD (4773) or email us at to discuss your case. Don’t delay, call us now!

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