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Why hire Schneider Kerr Law Offices?

Schneider Kerr Law Offices is the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent Social Security disability law firm. Our 13 attorneys and our team of highly capable legal assistants work full-time on Social Security cases. By focusing only on Social Security law, we have developed the expertise regarding complex medical, vocational, and technical issues necessary to win even the most difficult cases. We advocate tirelessly, and we put our hearts and minds into winning even the most difficult of cases.

Some other attorneys only accept cases if you pay a retainer fee up front or if one or more doctors have gone on record supporting your disability case or if you do all the work before the hearing. Some attorneys have general practices, doing a Social Security case now and then, but not focusing on this very technical and complex area of administrative law.

We, on the other hand, require no retainer fee, and we accept cases at all stages in the process. We’ll even help you apply! We specialize in Social Security law and have developed the focused expertise through research and practice representing thousands of clients like you. We work on a contingency fee only basis, meaning that you only pay us if and when we win your case and you are awarded back pay.

We know how much depends on your obtaining Social Security disability benefits, and we want to help you.

Please call Schneider Kerr Law Offices at (503) 255-9092 or 1-800-630-4SSD (4773) or email us at  to discuss your case.   Don’t delay, call us now!

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