When should I hire an Attorney?

At Schneider Kerr Law Offices we believe it is never too early and it is sometimes too late to have the assistance of a legal team specializing in Social Security disability claims. We encourage people to contact us with questions about the application process because we believe you should understand the process from the beginning. We can assist you by providing information about how to apply and about medical, financial, and vocational resources in the community. We can assist you by helping you to navigate the Social Security bureaucracy, to keep track of deadlines, and to make sure that your rights are protected from the beginning.

Some attorneys do not represent claimants until they have been denied at the reconsideration level. At the very latest, you should hire an attorney at that point. An administrative law judge will preside over the hearing, and it is important to get advice on how to prepare your case and what sort of evidence might make a critical difference.

The judge will almost always invite one or more experts to testify about vocational and medical issues that can make or break your case. Without understanding the nuances of the hearing process, you cannot maximize your chances of success or protect your rights.

Finally, never assume it’s too late to contact an attorney. Even if you’ve gone to a hearing and lost your case, we may be able to help you on an appeal or a new application. We’ve won many such cases. Then again, we always wish we had had the opportunity to make sure things went right the first time.

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