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The Process is so slow, I need help now. Can the process be sped up?

Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be an extremely slow process. When you apply for benefits, your application is considered (more or less) in the order that it is received. Because of the large number of people applying for benefits, the wait can be very long.

The Social Security Administration has rules for speeding up processing of claims in extreme circumstances but often disputes what counts as an extreme circumstance. The only rule that seems to work is that the more desperate your situation is, the more likely someone at the Social Security Administration will take notice and give your case the priority it deserves. For instance, if a doctor has gone on record as declaring that you are terminally ill and provides specific details regarding your prognosis, your case can often be sped up. Other rules are less clear. For instance, sometimes cases are sped up for homeless individuals or individuals in imminent danger of losing their homes, but sometimes they are not.

Every client is valuable to us. We cannot speed up every case, but we will do everything we can to help.

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