Important Things to Know About SSI Benefits

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Social Security evaluates all income and resources. This includes your spouse’s income and household income. Please keep the following things in mind if you applied for, or are looking to apply for, Supplemental Security Income Benefits!

  • Keep ALL paystubs for yourself and your household.

  • Keep a list of any places you have lived and how many members were in the household. It is important to know the value of the apartment/room/house you lived in. If you did not pay to live there or someone paid for you, Social Security will want to know if you owe anyone back payments and how much.

  • MAKE sales receipts for any sale of property/personal items.

  • If you have a bank account, do not use it to hold funds for friends or family. Any money going into the account may be counted as income which could make you ineligible for SSI. This is true even if you never intended to use those funds.

  • Know what vehicles have your name on the title and their value.

  • Document any money that friends or family members are giving you each month. Social Security will want to know if this money was loaned and needs to be repaid or it is was a gift. It may be counted as income.

  • If you receive a large sum of money, no matter where it may come from, document where the money is spent. Bank statements may not suffice. If you have taken money out of your bank account Social Security will want to know where that money went. You may not give away any money or resources to qualify for SSI benefits.

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