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Important Things to Know About SSD Benefits

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If you have children under 18, or that were under 18 during the period awarded as past-due benefits, there are often additional benefits available for help in their care. These benefits do not affect the amount you receive but are added on top. Please be sure to talk to our staff for more information!

Many people are not aware that things like Worker’s Compensation settlements, child support and student loan debt can impact or “offset” the past due benefits they are awarded from Social Security. There are some things that you can do that may help as soon as your receive the Notice of Decision from the Judge that finds you disabled.

  • Locate and provide us with any documentation you may have regarding your worker’s compensation settlement or ongoing payments. Getting these documents to Social Security early can help you get your past due benefits sooner.

  • If you have outstanding student loan debt, as soon as you are found disabled you can visit and apply to have your loan forgiven or decreased. If you are in default, taking care of this right away could potentially mean more of your past due benefits available to you.

  • If you pay child support, be aware that often you can work with whoever manages your child support agreement to have it modified once you are found disabled. These agreements are usually based on an earning potential that since you are no longer able to achieve, can sometimes be adjusted.

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