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Should I work while SSA is considering my case?

You can work assuming your health permits you to work and that you do not put yourself in a situation that worsens your health.  If you try to work and you succeed, you’ll be far better off than you would be on Social Security disability benefits. If you do not succeed because of your physical and mental health conditions, you’ll likely have more convincing evidence that you are disabled from working.

You should be aware that any work-like activity you do—whether for pay or as a volunteer—potentially affects your eligibility for Social Security disability benefits. To be found disabled by the Social Security Administration, you have to prove you have been or are going to be unable to sustain gainful activity for at least one year due to one or more physical or mental health conditions.

Part-time jobs, short-term jobs, and work that earns you less than $1,130 per month (gross) are less likely to affect your claim than full-time work or work where you earn over $1,090 per month (gross). Still, any work-like activity potentially affects how the SSA evaluates your ability to work and thus whether or not you meet SSA’s disability criteria. SSA even looks at how well you perform activities of daily living, such as household chores, shopping, etc., in making this determination.

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