Appeals Process

Few people are awarded Social Security disability benefits following their initial application. Most people are denied. Many people make the mistake of giving up at that point, assuming that they don’t qualify because the Social Security Administration has denied their claim. That is a big mistake.

If you are denied benefits, you have the right to appeal your denial, potentially all the way to the United States Supreme Court!  You can appeal 2 times before being awarded or before requesting a hearing in front of a judge.

Submit Request for Reconsideration

  • You must file your appeal application within 60 days of having your disability insurance claim denied. The count to 60 starts five days after the postmark on the denial letter that you receive in the mail. If you are our client, we will do this for you.

  • After you send in your request for reconsideration, your case will be reviewed by a person that had nothing to do with your original claim. All old evidence, and any new evidence that you submit, will be looked at.

  • When you appeal your denied disability insurance claim through a request for reconsideration, be aware that few negative decisions are reversed at this point in the process.​  This does not mean you should give up!

  • If you receive a second denial, you can put in a request for a hearing to argue your case in front of a judge.

Things You Can Do

1. Be sure you file your appeal application no later than 60 days after your claim is denied.  

2. Call Schneider Kerr Law Offices anytime you have a change of phone number or address so that it is easy to reach you.  Also let us know of any additional contact information we can use to reach you.

3. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for health insurance if you do not already have it.  DHS can help you with this.  

Additional Resources and Local Assistance:

Click here for SSI Viability Guideline

Click here for a list of various Oregon Assistance Programs

Click here for a list of various Washington Assistance Programs

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