Your Application

The most important step of this process is for you to return the paperwork to us, signed by you.  If you confused about forms you receive or are unsure of which forms need to be returned to us, just give us a call. 

What to Expect After Submitting Your Application

After submitting your application, you can expect to wait 3-6 months before receiving an answer.  In the meantime, it's very important that you do the following things:

  1. Return your Rep Docs and Application Summaries as soon as possible.
  2. Call Schneider Kerr Law Offices anytime you have a change of phone number or address so that it is easy to reach you.  Also let us know of any        additional contact information we can use to reach you.
  3. It is strongly recommended that you sign up for health insurance if you do not already have it.  DHS can help you with this.  
  4. If you struggle with substance abuse, it is strongly recommended that you seek treatment as soon as possible.  While substance abuse does NOT mean you can not receive benefits, the Social Security Administration will look to determine whether you would be able to work if the substance abuse were not present.

Forms You Will Need During the Application Process:

Function Report

In general, the application process is very impersonal.  This form is one of the few chances you have to personally explain how your condition affects your day to day life, such as whether you are able to go grocery shopping or care for pets.  This helps paint a portrait for those reviewing your application on a more human level.  

Function Report Form

Work History Report

This form helps Social Security determine an appropriate onset date, not from a medical perspective but from a financial perspective.  These reports give more details about the specific time-frames that your work and income may have been affected.  It also describes any accommodations that may have been made on your behalf by an employer. 

Work History Report Form

Medical and Job Worksheet

Bring this worksheet with you to your initial appointment with us - Medical and Job Worksheet

Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration Form

Authorization to Disclose Information to the Social Security Administration Form​​


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State Health Insurance: 

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