Financial (Awarded)

Congratulations, you've won your case!  If you've received a fully favorable or partially favorable decision, you will now begin working with the financial department.  Below are some resources that will give you additional help while the financial team works on the final stages of your case.

You will first receive a Notice of Decision, and 2-3 months after that you will receive a Notice of Award.  The Notice of Award will outline your monthly benefit and past due benefit amounts.  Monthly benefits generally begin immediately after the Notice of Award is issued.  Depending on the amount, past due benefits could take up to 1 year for issue.  These are general estimates, of course every case is different and timing could vary.

Local Representative Payee Agencies

If it is determined that you need a representative payee and you do not have a family member or friend that you trust, there are agencies that can help.  

Click here to see a list of agencies that can help in the Portland/Vancouver area

Setting up an Auxiliary Appointment

If you have recently been approved for disability benefits, your children may also be able to collect off of your claim as well and receive additional payments.  You have 6 months after you receive your award letter to submit at application to receive past due benefits.  It is a very simple process, and takes very little time!  You only need to make one appointment with your local Social Security office to discuss your eligibility.  Call your local office today and ask to set up an auxiliary appointment to get started. They will know what you are talking about.   Let us know as soon as you have made the appointment so we are able to follow up for you.  

Information on what you will need when you call, and what to expect

Supplemental Security Income Deeming Calculator

You can use this calculator to determine your potential SSI monthly benefit.  This can be helpful if you need to know how your spouse's income will affect your SSI benefit.

Overpayment Waiver

If you receive a notice from the Social Security Administration that states you have been overpaid, this is the simple form you can fill out and submit to SSA to waive the overpayment.

Overpayment Waiver Form

Travel Reimbursement

If you traveled more than 75 miles to attend the hearing, you can use the form below to apply for reimbursement.

Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

Social Security Attorneys  

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