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      Jack suffered a car accident that left him with a shattered left hip and right foot, and a lower back that was broken in three different places.  In addition, Jack weighed close to 400 pounds which he said was due to a lifetime of poor health choices.  The accident left him bound to a wheelchair and unable to walk.  Unsure if he would ever be able to walk or work again, but with hope and determination, he sought out to improve his health as much as possible.  Read his story below:

    "After the car accident I was unable to walk and unable to work.  I had lost my dignity and felt useless to society, but I was determined to do what I could to get healthy again.  I wasn't sure I would ever be able to walk or work again so I hired Schneider, Kerr and Robichaux to help me apply for disability benefits.  I knew I had a long road ahead of me.  

    Not too long after I lost my job, I also lost my health insurance. I was mostly bed bound at that point and unsure what to do. Eventually, I decided that one of the most economical options would be to get a gym membership and try and work with a trainer. Not knowing what I was capable of, my first goal was to simply walk again without the use of a walker or a cane.  I also needed to get healthy and, and at the time, I had no idea what that meant.  The trainer was very upfront with me, telling me that if I truly wanted to do this, it would take dedication. I had to trust the process as well as come in and work hard on my own time.

    The next year proved to be the hardest year of my life. I was making progress, but feeling discouraged by not seeing results as quickly as I would like for the amount of work I was putting in.  I sat down with my trainer and we came up with the idea to watch other people doing exercises and routines that seemed impossible, and we worked towards accomplishing those movements.  When I finally reached some of those “impossible” goals I was overwhelmed with emotion, excitement and pride.

     In the meantime, I was denied disability benefits twice. Schneider, Kerr and Robichaux requested a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge to fight my case.  They helped gather my medical records, submitted my appeals, and alleviated a lot of the stress. This allowed me to focus my energy on getting healthy.  

     My brother hired me on at his company to do small tasks a couple hours a week while I was still in a wheelchair.  Most days I had to leave earlier than expected due to exhaustion, but I did not give up.  Once I was able to walk, I worked a couple more hours a week.  I was slowly getting a little dignity back in my life.  Eventually I was able to work full time and was even promoted to a management position.

    Finally I was appointed a hearing date to present my case in front of a judge.  Even though I was working by this time, I hoped to be awarded benefits for all the time I was unable to work due to the disabling circumstances. 

  Schneider, Kerr and Robichaux were awesome and I won my case!  It was extremely validating to be reimbursed for the year I was out of work .  It was a very long process but in the end it was completely worth it.

     To this day, I continue to make “impossible” goals because I know if I just try and get a little stronger everyday it will add up and I’ll be able to do things I only once dreamed of." 

Clients Who Inspire Us

We are dedicated to helping our clients receive the disability benefits they need.  People come to us from all walks of life and with a wide variety of personal stories.  Some people suffer tragic circumstances resulting in a disability that leaves them unsure if they will ever be well enough to work again.  Being awarded disability benefits is often a lifesaver to those unable to work, but it is also heartwarming to hear about those individuals who are able to work hard and overcome their disabilities in order to return to work.  Read about some of our past client success stories below.

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