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Appeal Decision Made By A Judge

If your case has been denied, our appellate team will review the decision for legal errors.  You have 60 days to file an appeal.  If we recommend an appeal, we will file a written argument with the Appeals Council.  Appeals Council review can take 12-15 months, during which time you can not start a new application.  If the Appeals Council finds that the judge committed errors, they will send your case back to the hearing office for a new hearing. 

If the Appeals Council denies the request for review, our appellate team will review your case for a potential lawsuit in Federal Court.  If we recommend that you sue the government, that process takes upwards of a year.  The Federal Court can either uphold the denial, remand it for a new hearing, or award you benefits.

If the appellate team does not recommend an appeal, we will discuss additional options for you.  We may submit a new application for you.

Helpful Forms:

This form requests that the filing fee in Federal Court be waived

Application to proceed in forma pauperis (OR)

Application to proceed in forma pauperis (WA)

This form allows us to confirm certain kind of federal debts that might impact how fees are paid in Federal Court

Treasury Release Form

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